Waiting For Wonder

5 May

IMG_0504 (Edited)

Every morning I sit with a cup of coffee in front of my laptop
and I remember Samuel’s words “Speak, Lord.  Your servant is listening.”
And I wait.

Sometimes a thought does cartwheels through my mind and I try to
catch up with it.  Sometimes the wait is long…two cups of coffee.
And sometimes the answer to my request is lovely silence,
but that doesn’t put words on the page.
Sometimes there is no message at all.

On those days, when no word comes, I stroll out into the backyard
with another cup…I know, too much…and sit in the early morning sun,
that wonderful combination of warmth’s touch and cool air’s embrace.
And then my eyes are drawn to the mountain…perhaps my heart more
than my eyes…and there it is, like a huge neon sign flashing on
Pusch Peak.  The answer.  No, not an answer.  It’s an intuition,
an invitation into creative thought, maybe like the Creative  Mind
that molded the mountains.

The ingredients have mixed together perfectly: the early warmth
of the morning sun, yet cool air brisking the moment, the
mountain, the colors, the sounds of birds singing five songs
all at the same time, even the soft hum of tires rolling along
Oracle Road.  The song is exhilarating.
One more sip of coffee then hurry back to the laptop.
Here it comes!

“Speak, Lord.  Your servant is listening.”

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