Dynamic Duo

30 Apr

IMG_0478 (2)

Some people I know just won’t give up.
They go over, around, and through obstacles.

It met a tree stump the other day who demonstrates
the same characteristics.  Refuses to quit.
Even though assaulted by a chain saw, the stump
decided that there was enough juice left to start
all over again.  And knowing this stump, one day
a child will sit under spreading branches and eat
a peanut butter sandwich.

Events and circumstances today test and try the fiber of
our being.  But deep within the core, there is something
that cannot and will not be defeated.  The surface
appearance of life may appear to be tarnished
beyond repair, but don’t overlook two
dynamic life ingredients:
human will and
sacred wonder.

Human will is undergirded by
sacred presence inherent in
all sentient beings.
Will and wonder:
I wouldn’t bet against them.
Take heart!

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