Take A Closer Look

6 Jan

Camera in hand, finger on the trigger, ready in a moment’s notice to capture elusive beauty. I stalked it. I felt it in my bones, a flash of loveliness about to appear very briefly. Be ready. The hummingbird, here in one moment, gone in the next breath. A butterfly fliting from one delicious flower to another. Here and gone on the wind. A cloud formation posing in grandeur, then breaking up into rather common globs in an average sky. A sample of graceful beauty is about to open the door and pass quickly through my life. I will capture it in one click and admire it for weeks to come. If only that horse would get out of the way.

Some things are stately and serene. They invite a response of admiration. The Deer on the trail the other day. Stunning creature. Beauty is expressed in so many ways. The fluffy Kitten rolling across the family room floor, tangled in the ball of green yarn. The evening Sky just before the sun waves a final goodbye. O, the colors! Magnificent! This old world is awash in banners of beauty flapping in the winds of opportunity. I’m ready. Aperture set, sit very still lest the breakthrough of beauty is missed by my fidgeting over trivialities. If only that horse would trot off out of my frame. Beauty is about to appear. As I wait, I feel a rush of gratitude for all the amazing sights and sounds that fill my life with joy. Take a deep breath. Beauty is about to burst open any moment. If only that horse would move.

One Response to “Take A Closer Look”

  1. gz January 6, 2022 at 6:26 am #

    If, at least, the beautiful (don’t you see) horse’s would twitch or something.

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