Gifts For The Child

2 Jan

There he was, snuggled down in the blanket on soft, fresh-cut hay. Did he look into the faces of the curious, the shepherds, his Mom and Dad? Did he wonder about the men dressed in fine robes? They looked different, not like the villagers who also wanted a quick peek at the little boy. But, then, the question can be turned around: what did the foreigners think when they looked down into his eyes? I wonder about several things connected to this remarkable story. And up there, high on my question list is this: What gifts would have been laid at Jesus’s feet if the foreign visitors had been women? The Wise Men brought gifts fitting for a King Who Was A Child, treasures of great value. But I’ll wager that if the visitors had been women, the gifts would have been a new blanket to keep his warm, a new garment or two for traveling home, maybe a collection of items a baby and his family might need. They would have brought gifts to a Child Who Was A King.

How wonderfully diverse we are. Different in our understandings, our expectations, our hopes. When you sit next to someone in worship, remember that he or she does not think or act exactly like you. And, yet, that person is your sister or brother. Your family. We are all related through this child who claims our hearts and souls. Thank you, God, for wise women and men who are drawn by Grace to his birth in the world.

One Response to “Gifts For The Child”

  1. gz January 2, 2022 at 3:49 pm #

    Thanks for this message and your sermon this morning with your words about truth. I went home a ‘different way’. P.S. Glad the angel stayed affixed

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