This Remarkable Man

2 Apr

I think I’m beginning to understand
what motivates this remarkable man.
He’s not like the others who tried to impress,
but left behind a terrible mess,
not to mention the pain their actions caused
or the times they flaunted the sacred laws.
No, Jesus is not like them.

Here’s a man who lives by faith and trust,
a principled man, one who must
speak the truth when the easier way
would be to smile and glibly say
cut a corner here, bend the rules if you can
and you will become a wealthy man
who knows the value of power.

Last week I saw him at the Beautiful Gate
explaining Torah and the spiritual state
of women and men oppressed and enslaved,
who live with no hope, yet try to be brave
as the army of Caesar and the Temple elite
threaten and bully everyone they meet.
But look what Jesus does.

He comforts the sad and consoles the weak,
heals the wounded and when he speaks
the crowds applaud and shout his name,
but I fear for his life, given his fame.
No one challenges Caesar and lives very long,
especially to suggest that Caesar is wrong.
There’s always a waiting cross.

I cautioned him the other day
but he told me quickly that he had to say
the truth, in spite of the risks involved.
Our problems, he said, are not readily solved
by giving in to the Roman regime
when our hope lies only in Yahweh’s dream,
a kingdom of justice and peace.

Yes, I think I’m beginning to understand
the purpose of this enlightened man.
He sees beyond all evil schemes.
He lives in a world of sacred dreams
that demand so much more than we’re willing to give.
He invites us to choose a new way to live.
He calls it the Kingdom of God

One Response to “This Remarkable Man”

  1. gz April 2, 2021 at 6:50 am #

    To the new way!

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