Island of Life

28 Apr

How long I have sought a sacred place,
a refuge and source of renewal,
a retreat from life’s unyielding pace,
demanding and tragically cruel.

I’ve climbed to the tops of ragged peaks,
explored many ancient sites,
but nothing has brought the peace I seek,
nothing gives my heart delight.

And then on the pages of a battered old book
wrapped in a tattered fleece,
I found the map my father took
when he sought this elusive peace.

Not really a map, but a cluster of words
describing the way to my goal,
transforming words I had never heard,
a message that touched my soul.

“You will never find the peace you crave
by searching across the earth.
To find the treasure you must be brave.
It’s been with you since your birth.

“What you seek is not on a mountain top,
nor in some foreign place.
All you must do is merely stop
and look to an inner space.

“There is, inherent, within humankind,
for those whose hearts are bold,
a place in which to seek and find
The Island of Life in your soul.”

So, turn away from the outward quest.
The answer lies deep within.
A place of solitude and rest,
The Island where life begins.

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