Oasis In The Desert

30 Mar

Sometimes, when you least expect it,
your find yourself standing in awe
of the oasis in the desert. Lean
against the shaded tree trunk for
a few minutes and listen to the
river’s song. Pure, clear water
carries two turtles under the
overhanging branches. As the
tree’s arching limbs move in the
afternoon breeze, speckles of
sunlight dance on the water,
diamonds demonstrating their

It is enough to refresh the
weariest traveler, to remind
each of us that in spite of
the frustrations, there are places
of peace. Along with the crushing
sadness of an unending pandemic,
the source of grief and mourning
for so many, there is still hope to
hold and promises to remember.

One Response to “Oasis In The Desert”

  1. gz March 31, 2021 at 8:13 am #

    Thanks for the respite and solitude.

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