Do Unto Others…

11 Mar

This is a scene that happens all over the country, in major
cities and smaller communities.  It is the sorting and bagging 
of food items for people who might otherwise go hungry.  This 
happens to be an elementary school where 100 bags of vegetables,
fruit, canned food, bread and other important necessities are distributed 
to families.  And it is an illustration of how people care for people, even
people they don’t know.  It is encouraging to find this community,
volunteer effort happening in so many places, but it is also a candid
illustration of how close some folks live to the edge and have to reach
out for a little help.  We dare not become satisfied with our own comforts
and neglect the homeless, the poor, and the hungry.
You will remember the admonition: Do unto others…
Well, sometimes we have to do for others when they
can’t do for themselves.  This is the crowning glory of
being a human being.
What are you doing to lend a hand or 
assist those who need a little help?

One Response to “Do Unto Others…”

  1. gz March 11, 2021 at 10:53 am #

    Following your lead I have a ‘help bag’ (tooth paste/brush, power bars, bottled water) in my vehicle for those begging on street corners.

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