The Gift Of Caring

8 Mar

I thought the shaggy bush in the back yard was dead. It was a big cluster of brown stalks, no buds, no hints of life. Since it was near the water faucet, I tossed a little water on it just to soothe my conscience. In time the other plants in the backyard began to bud and blossom. The peach tree sported pink flowers, bougainvillea challenged with reds, yellow fruit on the lemon tree asked to be plucked, and various patio potted plants joined the awakening. But not the shaggy bush with brown stalks.

Not until yesterday when it all happened. No more brown bush. Beautiful purple blossoms burst out from the stalks and each one was topped with a crown of delicate lavender leaf. All it took was a little water and time. The purple surprise reminded me that all living things want to bloom, to produce, to contribute. I think we are made that way. But I also think that I get so preoccupied with my own life needs and desires that I don’t see the other (plant or person) who needs just a little encouragement or assistance in order to come into its fullness.

Paying attention, seeing with the heart, lending a hand, encouraging are all gifts, sacred gifts, we can give to another person. What a wonderful act of Christ love: to care someone into the fullness of his or her life. The one who cares is blessed, the one who
receives the caring is blessed, and the Spirit smiles.

May this be our experience today and everyday, to the glory of the Living God.

One Response to “The Gift Of Caring”

  1. gz March 8, 2021 at 7:49 am #

    With your caring you sprinkled in some patience which is also helpful in caring. I will try to be more caring with another someone.

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