God is…

1 Mar

God is the Space between musical notes in a Beethoven symphony
the Reality filling soundless moments between ticks of the clock
the Interval linking all heart beats from first to last
the Quiet joining each recurring echo of coyotes singing in the canyon
the Moment between lightening’s flash and thunder’s rumble
the Split Second separating Einstein’s “ah ha”
the Distance between every star in every galaxy known and yet to be known
the Electrical Snap linking the impulses from my brain to my hands

God: the unseen Adhesive of life

God is the dark Silence at the bottom of the deepest ocean
the rhythmical Whisper of a respirator in a hospital room
the first Gurgle from the mouth of a newborn in her mother’s arms
the Roar of engines as the rocket lifts off into fathomless space
the Fragrance of apple pie cooling on the kitchen table
the Music of rain dancing on a tin roof

God: the intrinsic Voice of life

(Written December, 2017)

One Response to “God is…”

  1. gz March 2, 2021 at 7:42 am #

    Beautiful words. Thank you.

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