The Big Twist

25 Feb

A reflection on Matthew 5:21-26

Good to get away from that crowd. Anyway, it’s cooler up here on the mountain, and we can have Jesus all to ourselves. Come on, the others are gathering around him. Looks like he’s going to teach.

He is certainly right…murder is a terrible crime. Wait…what did he just say? He’s changing the scriptures? “But I tell you…” Can he do that?

A grudge is just as bad as murdering someone? Did you hear that, too? A grudge is just thoughts and words. How can a grudge be that bad?

And name calling! Again, just words spoken. Jesus doesn’t know my cousin…he IS an idiot.

Okay. I understand. I’m responsible for my behavior. No grudges and no name calling. I need to control my anger and not let it fester into a grudge.

Wait. Sit down. I don’t think he’s finished yet. Hold on…did you hear what I just heard? Even if I don’t hold a grudge against my cousin, but he holds one against me, I should try to reconcile. But it’s his grudge! He’s the one who is mad and pouting. He’s got the problem, not me. Excuse me, Rabbi. Are you sure you have that right? I think you have it turned around. In fact I…sorry, Master. Yes, it is something new to me. Yes, Rabbi, I understand and I don’t understand. It’s like the world just turned upside down. Yes, it will be surprising to the crowds. But I will share your teaching faithfully…however, first I need to visit my cousin.

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