The Purpose of My Life?

19 Oct

The teacher told her fifth-grade class:
“The purpose of life is to learn so
you can be successful and happy.”

The Drill Sergeant told the new recruits:
“The purpose of your life is to do exactly
what I say…and fast!”

The professor of Theology informed the
graduating class: “As you leave this
place, remember that your purpose in
the world is to propagate the ontological
propositions of existential reality.”

My boss told me the other day: “Joe,
your purpose in this corporation is to
keep the money flow going so our
stockholders are happy and our bonuses
are big.”

I asked a guy on the street: “Friend, what
is your purpose in life?” He stood silent
for a moment, then replied: “Is this a
trick question?”

My good friend blessed me the other day
with a reminder that the poet Rumi
answered the question in the simplest
of ways: “Just to be in Your presence is
the point of my life.”

Simple. Profound. All encompassing.
True. Just to be in The Presence.
That’s all.

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