It’s All In The Book

16 Oct

The lovely metal sculpture suggests that the Tree of Knowledge
is rooted in a book. Would it surprise you to learn that
it stands just outside a public library?
Lest we forget, though, people who follow the Way of Jesus
are also rooted in a book. Commentaries on the history of an
ancient people, poetry, narrative, stories that pack a punch.
It’s all there in this book.
Some people have put the Bible, a collection of sacred
writings, on the top shelf of the closet and forgotten
about it. The value of the Bible, though, depends on how one
approaches it: literal history, human commentary,
metaphorical meaning. Many who have put the book on
the shelf try to read the “words” and find it all illogical,
therefore irrelevant. I suggest that reading “through” or
“beyond” the words to a deeper meaning turns illogical
and irrelevant into inspirational.
People who try to walk in the footsteps of Jesus
are, indeed, people of the book.

Before I go out on a mountain hike, I read about
the trail in a guidebook. The experience of others is
helpful. A lot of people have walked the trail before me,
and their observations are valuable. In some ways,
the trail guidebook makes the journey more rewarding,
more exciting, more meaningful.
The Bible works the same way.

One Response to “It’s All In The Book”

  1. gz October 16, 2020 at 6:31 am #

    Another good lesson. Thank you.

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