“See the birds of the air…”

27 Jul

IMG_7402 (2)

I am thankful for many things in my blessed life,
but perched high on the gratitude list is a special
place for birds.  They come in several categories:
Singers, Acrobats, Comedians, Daredevils,
big and small, and decorated on a scale
from drab to dramatic.

My friend pictured above is a resident of Northern
Arizona, where my wife and I happen to be vacationing at
the moment.  He was among a welcoming committee that sang to
us as we unpacked the car, then did grass-top flight
tricks for our amusement.  Everyday he has stopped by
to check on us and to add another verse to his lovely song.

I am grateful, Present Spirit, for many things.  I am blessed
each day as I walk through this life.  But I wanted to write this
note to you to emphasize my appreciation for my sisters and
brothers whose songs overcome the ordinariness of life,
carriers of carefree joy, delicate creatures who
delight my spirit.
I join them in their songs of praise.
If only I could sing like one of them.
Thanks be to God.

One Response to ““See the birds of the air…””

  1. gz July 28, 2020 at 7:06 am #

    Enjoy your time away and your singing friends. I cannot really carry a tune but I still sing.

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