The Better Choice

25 Jul


I arrived on the hilltop with time to spare.  Sunset was still
half an hour away.  Plenty of time to set the camera
properly for what I knew was to be a glorious
desert  sunset.  Brilliant oranges, dancing shades of
yellow, glowing shafts of sunlight through dark,
angry storm clouds.  The perfect setting for a
memorable drama in the sky, the sun’s grand exit
with pageantry and pomp.

But I made the mistake of turning around and
looking, just for a moment, in the opposite direction
toward the mountain.  Behold, not a contest of
staggering colors, but a gracious gentleness,
a softness played out across the desert
floor and up the side of the mountain’s slopes
and undulations.  To the West was the stark
confrontation of color against color.  To the East,
a sacred simplicity of blending, a joining of
colors that produced not clash, but
concerted calm.  Respite.
An invitation to sit on a green bench,
watch the unfolding of a never again moment
and breathe in the fragrance of peace.

I did.
It was the better choice.



One Response to “The Better Choice”

  1. Carol July 25, 2020 at 11:16 pm #

    Ahhhhhh so peaceful . Soooooo very welcomed . Thank you !!

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