2 Jun

The Gospel according to Matthew tells us a story about Jesus climbing a tall mountain in the company of Peter, James and John. Once at the summit, the three men are astounded to see Jesus, standing off by himself, change before their eyes. His face shown like the sun and his clothes were radiant.

The three felt both fear and wonder as two figures appeared near Jesus, called him to join them, and began a private conversation. This can’t be!
It is not possible for Moses and Elijah to stand here in human form. But very quickly their fears turned into delight and joy.

Within minutes, there appeared a huge, bright cloud that overshadowed all of them. The cloud took in the trees, the rocks, the whole mountain top and when it settled gently around them, a voice was heard…a voice! A voice coming from the cloud! “This is my son whom I love. I am pleased with him. Listen to what he says!”

Two thousand years later, the voice still speaks. And it says the same thing.
In this painful time of massive death and confrontations in the streets, listen to what he has to say. His words and his way will save us from ourselves. Listen. Listen!

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