Sweet Rain

1 Jun

It’s hard to believe how many spectacular blessings Nature
offers us! We can only see them, however, when we are
looking up. I know it’s tempting to go through these days with
our heads down…the weight of frustration, the power of fear,
the sense of helplessness…these things weigh heavily on our
shoulders. But try to remember, we can’t see the blessings
unless we look up…up in our spirits, up with our eyes,
up with hopeful hearts. You and I are stronger than
our feelings and we will not let them control who we
are and how we respond.
So, today the phrase running in the back of my
brain is “I am stronger than my fears. I am
wiser than my frustrations. I am courageous in
the face of all obstacles.”
I am and you are because God is.
Maybe you will see something today that will
remind you about who you really are. Be watchful and aware.
Look up!

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