A Day In The Life Of A Sorcerer

17 Sep

A sorcerer’s life, in this day and time,
is not what it used to be.
I’ve razzled and dazzled and conjured up spells,
made an elephant swing from a tree by his tail:
what a marvelous thing to see!

The people applauded when smoke and quick hands
produced an illusion divine.
They brought me their wealth, paid me in gold,
hounded me daily and begged to be told
the secrets of my line.

I once was a god, but not anymore
since Peter and John came to town.
They’ve turned all the people against my routines
by showing a power beyond any seen.
My business has surely gone down.

Perhaps if I said I believed what they taught
they’d count me as one of their own.
Then I’d offer a deal they couldn’t refuse,
for some of their magic I’d happily choose
to join up, not go it alone.

What a team we would make as we captured the crowds
with sorcery, potions and spells.
Our wealth would increase, our fame widely spread;
we’d offer a franchise for those who felt led
to practice the art and the sell.

“Dear Peter, my friend, I’ve a question to pose
about the power you wield.
If I were to offer a dracma or two
would I be able to do what you do?
Can I get in on this deal?

“Hold on there, Peter.  You’ve no right to say
such arrogant things to me.
We’re both in the business of pleasing the crowd;
we both use our tricks and whatever’s allowed
for all the people to see.

“I’m bitter, you think?  Well, maybe that’s true;
I envy all that I see.
You seem so assured, incredibly strong,
while deep inside me there’s something so wrong.
Maybe the trick is on me.”

(Reflection on Acts 8)

One Response to “A Day In The Life Of A Sorcerer”

  1. Carol September 18, 2019 at 10:50 am #

    This is so good. You have a talent..for sure. Thanks for sharing your gifts.

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