Thank You Note

12 Sep

My Dear Friend,

What a remarkable gift I have received from you.
It is so infrequent that the gift given
matches so beautifully the need
of the moment.
Yours did.

The pathway for several months has been ill-defined,
so few signposts along the way.  My roadmap
blew away with the strong winds of
disappointment and doubt.  The
brilliant blue skies of the past
turned to muddy, gray
blankets of suffocation.
No rain.  No washing.
No relief.

It is so difficult to breathe in the darkest caverns of desperation.

And then you came to my door.  You smiled.
And as we sat in conversation, no, as we
sat in communion, I felt the first hint
of a breeze, the sweet smell of wet
meadow grass after a night
of spring rain.
You unwrapped the gift without
ritual or pretense.  You
blessed my weary soul
and my worried mind
as you placed the
offering before
and I knew a Sacred Breath has passed
through the room.  Light began to
change from a resistant dullness
to warm, soft rays of sunshine.
How will I ever thank you
for this remarkable

You listened.
You heard my heart,
not just my words.
You responded to my spirit,
not  to the circumstances
of my despair.

You listened.

For that gift, I am ever grateful.

Most Sincerely,


2 Responses to “Thank You Note”

  1. Shirley Morris September 12, 2019 at 8:13 pm #

    Wow!!! I too have been blessed with those with big ears and big hearts..we both say, “THANK YOU.”

  2. gz September 13, 2019 at 1:17 pm #

    You are an easy person to whom to listen.

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