Good News Day

8 Apr

Today will be a Good News Day,

I feel it in the air.

I don’t know how or where or when

but I intend to dare

to see some good in everyone,

extend a hand of care

to those who find the going rough,

whose load is hard to bear.

Today will be a Give Thanks Day

for all to see and hear.

My friends, the earth, a Sacred Love;

it is so very clear

that I receive amazing gifts,

each fills my heart with cheer.

I am a man who’s truly blessed

and grateful to be here.


Just now a gentle morning breeze

moves through the waking woods

and sings a lovely melody

“All life is very good!”

I feel the song move through my heart,

the meaning’s understood,

today, and each amazing day,

is meant for servanthood.



One Response to “Good News Day”

  1. gz at 2:11 pm #

    No doubt. Some days can be like a happy song and others we just need to press on.

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