Please, God

25 Apr

I asked God to guide my thoughts.
I designed a way to get even with my neighbor.

I prayed that God would make my words helpful and kind.
I cursed the grocery bagger for dropping my eggs.

“God, show me the path this day.”
I set my own way when profitable opportunity appeared.

I asked God to make my hands beneficial blessings for everyone.
I shook my fist at the idiot who cut in front of me in busy traffic.

I prayed for peace.
I created conflict.

I said the right words.
I prayed at my designated time.
I even got on my knees.
My hands were folded.

So, what’s the deal?


One Response to “Please, God”

  1. gz April 25, 2019 at 9:44 am #

    The deal is YOU have to help God answer your prayers

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