“Be Kind”

10 Jan

Wednesday is a welcome friend at my house.
That’s the day I put on my gray, Be Kind T-shirt and join
second graders at a local elementary school.
I watch the light come on in their eyes when something suddenly
makes sense.  They laugh and tell me jokes, look at me like
“are you kidding!” when we work with short and long vowels, and
print their names in big, lopsided letters.
Everything catches their attention.  A picture in the hallway
is a springboard for a hundred questions,
light patterns on the wall pull them into some fantasy
adventure.  Imagination reigns.
And they are kind.
That’s the Wednesday theme and that message
is on their T-shirts, on posters, on bulletin boards.
Everywhere you look:
“Be Kind”  “Be Kind”
Maybe grownups should wear “Be Kind” T-shirts
everyday, not just on Wednesday.
We need to be reminded.
We need to practice
the virtue.
Try it today with everyone you meet.

One Response to ““Be Kind””

  1. Shirley Morris January 10, 2019 at 12:03 pm #

    Way cool!

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