Who, Me?

22 Jan

In this world of shameless greed,
my preacher, with emotion, pleads,
“Be brave, my friend.  Get off your chair.
Have courage to explore out there.
There’s ample human need.”

I know I should,
and if I could,
I really would.
What kind of excuse will I dream up today?
I know what to do.  I know what to say…but
my schedule is tight,
my hair such a fright,
my shoes don’t fit right,
my bank account’s light,
what if someone picks a fight?
The sun’s awfully bright,
it’s too dark at night,
I have such poor sight,
hungry dogs bite,
I might get frostbite,
My son’s a Hittite-
by no means contrite.
Oh, no!  Snakebite!
Is “NO” impolite?
It’s all watertight.
I can’t go tonight.


I know I should,
and if I could,
I really would.




One Response to “Who, Me?”

  1. gz January 22, 2019 at 10:03 am #

    …and if i did it would be good. gz

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