Traveler Beware!

30 Oct

Beware the sinister sofa bed!
The pull out, fold down sleeping thing
is one clear way the devil brings
a sense of chaos fear and dread.
Give heed to what I’ve clearly said.

Just yesterday in Baltimore
a man who’d traveled many miles
broke out in such a happy smile
not knowing that the sofa bed,
the cunning thing, was yet unfed.

The paper gave the tragic news.
The hotel said “It’s not our fault.
We told him clearly that he ought
to use the lovely king-sized bed
but he chose otherwise instead.”

It wasn’t a very pretty sight.
I slowly opened the bedroom door,
let out a scream and hit the floor,
for there in unobstructed view
was his baseball cap and one brown shoe.

I hesitate to say the rest.
Just know that pull out sofa beds
can be quite mean until they’re fed.
So take my personal advice:
stick with the King; it’s very nice.

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