Visual Meditation

17 May

         The two photographs on this page offer you an opportunity to become familiar with a form of personal spiritual meditation called “Visio Divina”.  Many of you know that “Lectio Divina”, an ancient spiritual practice, is translated “sacred reading”.  Lectio helps us encounter the Holy through words on a page.  “Visio”, though, is for many of us who are more visually oriented, who can put themselves into a photograph, drawing, or painting and find a deep spiritual significance or meaning.  So, I offer you two options on the page.  Here’s what I suggest:  Choose one of the photos, not both.  In a quiet, meditative setting focus on that photo and ask “What are you telling me about myself, my faith, my relationships, my????”  Also, “How, God, are you speaking to me through this photograph  What do you want me to hear?”    Sometimes I like to put myself into the picture…I smell the flower or walk alongside the person on the beach.  Don’t be rigid about all this…relax and let the Spirit guide your mind.   I would be very happy to know how this experience goes for you.  Maybe you can let me know in due time about your meditation.  May the Spirit lead you into the healing, loving presence of God.


One Response to “Visual Meditation”

  1. James May 20, 2018 at 8:50 pm #

    Sorry to be so slow in responding. I will write my thoughts when I am in a better frame of mind…too many negative thoughts, at the moment.


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