How Fast Is Fast Enough?

14 May

There was a time when the slender pointer on my speedometer
lived on the high side of the dial.  I used a lot of gas, burned a
quart of oil now and then, but the ride was worth it.

Then, speedometers had hands that moved around a circular
dial in direct relationship to the decibel output of glass packed
mufflers.  My back fenders wore skirts, my rear end was
dropped two inches, and the wide white sidewalls gleamed
circling flashy chrome hubcaps.

That’s about the best you could do with a ’41 Chevy sedan.
Not a lot to work with.

Today time, ingenuity, and plastic have redefined the car I
drive.  A digital speedometer tops out at 150, but I don’t make
it much above 65, maybe 70, these days.  I don’t seem to be in such a
hurry anymore.  I actually enjoy seeing things, really seeing,
instead of insisting that the wind ripple my hair, which
would now be physically impossible according to my mirror.

I used to think about speed, horsepower, cubic inches, and
superchargers.  I slept with Hot Rod magazine under my
pillow.  But…it’s a different world, a different time, and I’m
a different man.  Now it’s energy savings, environment, hybrids
and GPS since the edges of my memory aren’t as sharp as
they used to be.  The trip is slower, the chassis has changed,
but the journey is equally exciting.

In last Sunday’s sermon, my pastor asked, rhetorically, “How
fast is fast enough?”  Well, I think it was that, and now it’s
this, and that’s the way life is.

And that works for me.

2 Responses to “How Fast Is Fast Enough?”

  1. Sharon Ragland May 14, 2018 at 7:28 pm #

    Thank you for this oh-so-thoughtful reflection.  Yes, fast enough.  Blessings, Sharon

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