June 11, 2014

12 Jun

June 11, 2014

Really? Nothing at all?

Significant days are not just or only notorious days, or celebrity days, or monumental days of great memory. Last week, while on vacation, I met an honest-to-goodness celebrity, watched as people clamored to get near her and fans focused cameras to catch the moment. Another day I ate the largest sea scallops I’d ever seen…the size of small bread plates…succulent, delicious.
That was followed by visiting what must be the largest oak tree in America (The Angel Tree) and marveling at this 500 year old masterpiece of creation. Those were significant days…I have the photos to paste in my scrapbook. Significant.

But what of the days in-between? What about the down days when nothing seems all that important? The days when the spectacular doesn’t show up?

I sat with the woman I’ve loved for 53 years on a towel on the beach and we watched the bubbling surf through our toes as we laid back together. We didn’t talk. We just looked.  She took my hand, we closed our eyes and felt the warm earth beneath us. It wasn’t a celebrity moment, it won’t be recorded in history books, but it was significant.

I would put a plaque on that spot if the sand would cooperate. It would say: “On this site on June 11, 2014 something significant happened.”

Something significant…maybe even sacred.

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