Coming And Going

9 Jun

Coming And Going

It’s only a matter of time. The waves will eventually capture the castle and it will return to its original elements. The sand from which it is made came from the ocean floor, was carried to the beach by currents and rolling waves, and it will return to its origins the same way. Its beginning and its end are the same. In between its arrival and its departure, the sand was shaped into something remarkable and quite beautiful…an original creation that had never existed before and which will never exist again in its unique, present form. The ocean which sent it to the beach will welcome the sand home, receiving it into the place it knows best.

The wonder of life is to recognize that beginning and ending are the same, and, in between, there is remarkable beauty.

One Response to “Coming And Going”

  1. Lynne June 12, 2014 at 11:29 pm #

    Thank you, Roger. This thought will be with me during the funeral service – “dust to dust and ashes to ashes”. I will think about the beauty of the life “in between”.

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