Heavy Loads – Thankful Hearts

21 May


Seems like everybody carries a heavy load these days.
This little guy isn’t excluded, although I don’t see a
mask.  His load is many times his size, but
nothing stopped him as he crossed the sidewalk in
front of me.

What his tiny ant mind doesn’t know is that the design
of creation is so perfect that each living thing has
what it needs to survive…if it is smart enough to
use it wisely.  Not only survive, but prosper.

The life you will live today, all the hours ahead of you,
are not of our making.  The soft morning sun is shining
through huge white oleander flowers just outside my
magic window, not of my doing, not even at my
request.  It is gift.

Be grateful today.  Use the hours with a thankful heart.
Even if the load gets heavy.



19 May

I sat talking of things past, with old friends who knew me then,
and for just a moment, a flicker of time-light,
those memories lived again.

Blessed are we by friendships that never fade;
a never ending stream, water of life,
to nurture lives left living, in the
dry lands of a lonely mind.

God bless those who stand beside us, who accept us
as we are, who love us for no other cause
but that we share a common star.


Steven Charleston
Hope As Old As Fire
Red Moon Publications


The “Me”s in Me

18 May


Except for the few perfect people I know,
(who will be named below)
most of us are beautiful and prickly at
the same time.  That is, I have a trigger that,
when pulled, reveals the B-me or the P-me.
Example:  When the TV hums in the background
all day, never leaving a News channel, it doesn’t take
long for P-me to appear.  But, when I sit at the computer
and the words fall onto the page, and it all makes sense,
and after reading six times I can find no more typos,
B-me smiles.  It is good.
I guess the issue for me is the “trigger(s)”, the thing or
person that pushes the P or B button in me.
It is so easy to blame something or someone else.
Flip Wilson’s old line:  “The Devil made me do it!”
But blaming someone or something else is a copout.
Like it or not, I choose how I will respond in any given
moment or situation.  I am responsible for my own
behavior, my responses, not you.
You see, I know this, but P-me won’t  go away.
It’s so confusing and frustrating.
My friend Paul wrote me a letter the other day, and
in it he said:  “Wretched man that I am! Who will
rescue me from this (curse within myself)?”
And the next line in the letter surprised and
encouraged me:  “Thanks be to God through
Jesus Christ our Lord.”
Paul and I and many others live with this
“curse” but we also live with the spiritual
incarnation of God.  It’s the curse or the Christ.
Which one do I allow to prevail in my comings and goings?
P-me and B-me will continue to share the same address,
but the God-in-me will become the first responder.
That’s my choice.  I hope for the good sense and
the wisdom to remember, plus the courage to
respond from my greater self.
“Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ my Lord.”





I Don’t Have A Clue, Do You?

17 May

Why are there stars in the nighttime sky?
When people are happy, why do they cry?
Will I always be caught if I tell a lie?
And what’s so great about blueberry pie?
Why is it hard to say goodbye?
I don’t have a clue, do you?

There are lots of questions that simply defy
attempts to answer the troublesome “why”?
I live in an era of “me”, “mine”, and “my”.
No matter how deftly or wisely I try
my efforts all end in a shrug and a sigh.
I don’t have a clue, do you?

I try so hard but I get nowhere.
I fully believe that life isn’t fair.
If I step outside to get some fresh air
a bumblebee will nest in my hair!
I wonder if the universe cares?
I don’t have a clue, do you?

Good people suffer, bad people win,
and there’s no way we can start all over again.
What can we do except to pretend
that the universe is a faithful friend?
That I am absolved of something called sin?
I don’t have a clue, do you?

My hope is not beyond the sky.
I cast my lot with a man who tried
to banish the law of “an eye for an eye”.
He was willing to stand and bravely defy
our voracious needs to gratify
the darkness that lives within.

I don’t have a clue, do you
about why his ways appeal as they do?
I simply acknowledge his path to be true
and offer his friendship and presence to you.
But…maybe, in fact, I do have a clue.
Maybe his way is an opening to
the chance to discover the real me, real you.
I think I’ve found the mysterious clue…do you?

Walking For Wisdom

16 May


If Lectio Divina is about “sacred reading”, then Visio Divina is about
“sacred seeing.”  So I invite you to take a walk right now along
the pathway  in the photograph.  This walk is not about reaching a
destination, it’s about the process of following the path as an experience
of The Sacred.

Your goal is not to have a goal.
Just walk.
And wonder.
Wait.  Stop along the way.
Watch carefully for signs of the Sacred.
Take in the Wisdom of the earth as you experience
this path like no other path before.

Not all of life’s great lessons are in the classroom.
Many healing and hopeful revelations occur
right here in the Lab for Life.



Sky Writing

15 May


Do you remember sky-writing?
There was a day when, sitting in the stands at the football game,
you’d look up and there it would be:
“John loves Helen” or “Big Discount At…”
and the little plane, chugging along, trying to form the last
letter in the word before the first letter drifts away.

Sky writers were (and are) artists and pretty skilled at flying
a plane and, hopefully, good spellers.  The sky is a very
big canvas and it’s probably pretty tough to loop back and try to
erase a misplaced letter.  I leave the sky-typo to your imagination.

But speaking of imagination, if you had a big, blue sky, and you could
pilot one of those specially designed planes, and you were confident of
your spelling ability, what would you want the world to know?
What word, or phrase, or paragraph would  you put on your canvas?

What would I write?  Glad you asked.  Just two words, all CAPS:
but I wouldn’t try to cite chapter and verse (Philippians 3:14).
Some messages need to be succinct, from the heart and to the heart,
not all that complicated.
Take one breath and then another.
Put one foot in front on the other one
and keep moving.
Focus, don’t become fragmented.
Look up, not just at your shoe tops.
Press On!
It’s a high calling written across the sky just for you.

Never Alone

13 May


Even though the surface is smooth, there is
turmoil underneath.  Serenity is sometimes
merely an illusion.

Even though the sky is perfectly clear, there
is always the hawk nearby, waiting, watching.
Security is not guaranteed.

Even though I appear to be alone, I am
surrounded by others unseen.  The
unseen is not always unreal.

Alone?  Never!
For your rod and your staff,
they comfort me.
And I hear in the wind:
Fear not, for I am with you,
even until the end.

Serenity and Security come and go.
Love neither abdicates nor abandons.
Love is.