Beautiful Mystery

24 Jul


I present a wonderful mystery.
How can that become this?
The perfect metaphor for spiritual transformation,
“new life.”

“So if anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation;
everything old has passed away; see, everything
has become new.”

In Christ, not a fan of Christ.
In Christ, not an admirer of Christ

I was presented a mystery in my own backyard.
That became this.
And with beautiful wings, she flew.
The Psalmist prayed:  “O, that I had wings like
a dove…”  I’d settle for a butterfly.
The beautiful mystery.

Important Announcement

23 Jul


Roger and Sue Pierce are happy parents again!

Their child, pictured above, escapped from the chrysalis
this morning at approximately 7:30 a.m.
Mom and child are doing fine.
Dad is busy taking pictures.
Wonderful Day!

A Good Day

23 Jul


Maybe one of these fits you today.
Today IS a good day for a good day, so let’s live today with
conscious gratitude.  I didn’t make it, nor you.  It is one
more opportunity  to bless and be blessed,
to broaden your mind, widen your awareness
of grace, deepen the roots of courage
and patience, grow your faith
in a consciousness of

Inhale the gift.
This is a day made just for you.

The 8th Wonder Of The World

22 Jul

DSC_0926 (3)

I never pictured myself as a bird watcher.  At least not a binocular carrying member of the Audubon Society.  But there is something magnetic about these little creatures.  Eagles are majestic and Mockingbirds are wonderful singers, but this little clump of feathers is a showman extraordinaire.

He is an aerial acrobat, a fierce defender of his territory, and faster than a speeding bullet.  I’ve held more than one in my hand after he had mistaken a glass door for open flying space.  His needle-like beak was partly open and his tongue, no bigger than a piece of thread, dangled in the air as I held him in my palm.  He looked like he had just gotten in from a rough Saturday night, but a little drop of sugar water, a minute or two to catch his breath, and he was cleared for flight status again.  He fluffed his gray feathers, gave me a wink, and took off like a miniature Atlas rocket.

I know he appreciated the medical attention because often when I was puttering in the backyard, I would hear that familiar buzzing just over my right shoulder, and there he was, stopping by for a visit.

It’s really nice to have friends, isn’t it.  I’m thankful for mine.  I hope you are for yours.


21 Jul


About a week ago, during a particularly heavy time…masks and mean spirits and
pandemic death counts, etc…I wondered to myself: Is God really in the
mix of all this as a presence?  From then until now, I received the
answers depicted in the collage above.  I just opened the coffee
bag this morning, by the way.  The three words in the little
blue line are:  Brighter Days Ahead.  I am grateful for
signs of Presence in the midst of my
faltering faith.

Evening Prayer

20 Jul

Night arrives on the coat-tails of another 102 degree day.
It’s not that I’m ungrateful, God.  Just hot.  And tired.
In fact, I’m tired of being tired.  It’s tough to keep spirits
up when everything seems to be falling down.

I do, however, feel very blessed by my virtual friends.  It seems
like so long ago when I saw them as whole people, not half people
projected on a screen.  My waist-up friends are remarkable in
their perseverance and their abilities to “unmute” at just the
right moment and share themselves as blessings.  They are very

I have decided, Generous One, that this exile set upon the earth
carries with it valuable lessons for life.  I pray tonight for the
patience to perceive those lessons and the wisdom to utilize
them in positive ways for the benefit of my friends and neighbors
and the strangers who pass my way.

I suspect that tomorrow will be, for the most part, very similar to
this day that is now disappearing.  And that, in itself, is a lesson
to be learned.  Similar or not, I am grateful for days that invite
reflection and re-examination of what it means to be a human
being in a troubled time, and, likewise, a probing of deeper
dimensions of faith and trust.  I rest tonight convinced that the
Path of Jesus, His Way, always runs through the shadows of
disruption and imbalance, but also that the Way always leads
to light and Light.  I shall sleep tonight thankfully embraced
by your Love.

May it be so.

Beginning The Day

20 Jul


It happens when I least expect it.  Turn a corner and there
You are.  Say goodbye to a friend and then realize that I have
been in the presence of Presence.  Today I do not plan to look
for You, that way You can surprise me.  But I will meet You
halfway…I will be attentive to life around me.  I will try
to see with my soul and hear with my heart, and in faith I
know that somewhere along the path, I will become aware
of Awe.  And there we are.

May this day bring us invitations to love kindness, do justice, and
walk as humble followers of the Light.  May we be bold enough to
bathe in Living Water, wise enough to talk with the earth of her
beauty and her pain, and humble enough to stand in the
revealing light of your love.
May peace abide in my heart and bless everyone I meet.
May it be so.

Evening Prayer

19 Jul


As the sun find its way beyond the western mountains
and the arrival of night brings quiet closure to this day,
I pray that my efforts have not been in vain
and that those efforts were always made in a
spirit of justice and human concern.
May I find rest, confident that the Presence is
with me in the darkness and will wake me to the new day.
And may all creatures be in peace.
To the Source of Life, Creator and Sustainer,
I lift my song of gratitude and join
my voice with all living things:
Glory to God in the highest and on earth
peace and goodwill.
May it be so.

Conversation With A Palm Tree

18 Jul


I asked the palm tree, “Sir, do you tire of this in the evening of your day?”
“It is an infrequent opportunity to stand in pure light,” he answered,
“intensity surrounded by softness.  Night comes as a gift to all of us: coyote, rabbit, wide-winged hawk.  We have learned to stand very still in the presence of light, to allow it to surround us, penetrate to the core of our simple existence.  Somehow we are enlivened by the vividness.  But, I, too, would ask a question, of you, Sir.”

“Please ask,” I replied.
“All my friends and I have wondered: Why are people more interested in
speeding to the market rather than standing still in a moment like this?
It seems to us that you are moved more by a sense of urgency than by a feeling of inherent curiosity.  Hawk said the other day, ‘I feel sorry for all those people with their heads down, focused so on destination rather than delight.’  Will you help us understand?”

We stood side by side until the sun was gone and the sky was black.  We stood without another word shared.  And then I got in my car and drove home.



Deep Love

17 Jul

Sometimes the deepest love is only

discovered in the deepest cut