18 Oct

In time the footprints will wash away, disappear into the moist sand and be gone forever. But, in the meantime, the prints point toward a destination, a place that lures them forward over large stones and through narrow crevices. They are planted with a certain determination. The stride is long, most of the weight of the anonymous person is toward the toe, suggesting a running motion. In a hurry? Late for an appointment? For a meeting with a lover? Much and little are known by the fading footprints. Just that once a human being passed this way and left a momentary mark on the planet. What can be better than looking back over one’s shoulder and seeing the evidence of having lived, even if for a short time? Footprints fade, but the sand knows forever that someone passed this way. I expect no more. I desire no less.

Right Here, Right Now

17 Oct

Today I’m going to be where I am. I will not be in yesterday’s regrets, nor in tomorrow’s fantasies. Today will be enough for my mind to consider, for I know the phone will ring and happiness or sorrow will speak to me, the letter will arrive and I will tear it open with expectant joy or I will lay it aside for a stronger hour.

Today I am going to be where I am, fully aware of my heart, my window to the Sacred Mystery defining me and this moment. Very soon the sun will rise on a common day of minutes and hours, the ordinary arrives. But before the first rays flash over the mountain and bend down into the valley, all common will have been replaced by an invitation to Wonder, attainable only by this resolve:

Today I will be where I am. Right here. Right now.

The New Week Dawns

10 Oct
May the week just beginning today be filled with fragrant breezes, warm and comforting sunlight, and amazing views of the majestic mountains. Be sure to say “thank you” to Creation for all the colors and textures that make life remarkable. You are blessed. We are blessed. All is gift. There is no deserving, no earning. But there is caring…caring for all that is entrusted to us. We are asked to be responsible recipients. That isn’t too much to ask, is it?
5 Oct

Do you see anything beautiful in this odd plant? Anything? Creation comes up with some strange ideas, but then we have our standards for beauty, don’t we. Symmetry, balance, consistency. Maybe this was a mistake, an aberration, a bad day in the flower production department. Do you think beauty resides in what we call bizarre, like this flower? I do. O, yes. Without question. Sit with it for a few minutes and see if beauty breaks through. Forget the standards. Follow the Spirit.

25 Sep
You have to flap to fly.
Use those wings today.
God has made an investment in you.
Show yourself worthy of the calling.
Spread those wings.
Lift off. Life waits.
20 Sep
A pot of gold? No, a promise. A reminder of presence. A signal that satisfies our hunger for the Holy. Lift your eyes and you will find that your heart is lifted, too.

Unfinished Until…

18 Sep

It took time and patience to create this lovely mosaic. Just the right colors, a variety of shapes, the arrangement which brings out the beauty of each tile and the beauty of the whole design when all the pieces compliment each other. The colorful tiles certainly did not fall into place by themselves. A creative mind and a steady hand were required.

But, if you tilted the mosaic or displayed it on a shelf, all the pieces would end up on the floor. It isn’t finished. Something is missing, something absolutely essential. Grout. It is grout that holds it all in place, anchors the individual pieces so that a lovely design is created. No grout, no mosaic.

So in the spiritual life for the followers of Jesus. “Christ is the visible image of the invisible God…and He holds all creation together.” (Colossians 1) Holds it together, individually and collectively. Your life, my life, our lives together. Lots of implications in that biblical statement. Think about it. Good news for this good day.

Lift Off!

16 Sep

Today I will stretch my wings.
Today I will fly.
I have the ability to rise above the moment
and to float in the breath of the Eternal.
I have been equipped to be extraordinary.
I possess and am possessed by the Spirit.
Today, for the good of all creation,
in service to Christ’s Kingdom,
as a gift of my deep gratitude,
I will stretch my wings
and I will fly.

Golden Key

12 Sep

Take the earbuds out of your ears,
listen to the silence.
Turn the television off, you
can catch the news later.
Listen in the silence.

That smartphone in your pocket,
mute and leave it in the bedroom.
Begin to hear nothing.
Thousands of inhales and exhales
will go by today unnoticed,
say hello to five couples right now.
Slowly. Slowly.

Is what awaits in the day
more urgent than this moment of
uniqueness? Of course not.
In the silence you will meet yourself,
the real self, the unadorned self.
Don’t be impatient.

The self you meet holds a
golden key to a door
to an encounter,
to a mystery.
A key. Yes.
Take it.

Let the silence be filled with the sound
of the latch opening, the door moving
in a familiar ark
Now step through.

Remaking The World

9 Sep

Listen with your ears
until you hear with your heart.

See with honest eyes
until you become what you see.

Speak words
until you create wonder.

You have the means to
make miracles.

This day is a laboratory
and you have at your fingertips
all the eternal elements
that succor and sustain.

Be courageous.
You are not alone.
Remake your world and
I will remake mine.

From the crucible of Sacred Mystery
we will fill the universe
with songs and begin to
heal the hatred and
the hurt.