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Perfect Day

19 Jan

If even one bird fills
the air with song,
if February sun falls warm on my face
after a crisp winter morning,
if the musty, sweet aroma of fresh
coffee rises to the rafters,
if the stone face of the mountain
glows in the soft, golden sun at dusk,
if in the distance the melancholy sound
of a train whistle
awakens my imagination,
if I laugh, hum a tune, sit with a friend,
it will have been a good day.

And if you smile and touch my
hand, it will have been

Unpredictable Day

17 Jan

Today will offer a menu of the mundane

and the marvelous. I will peruse the

possibilities without license to choose.

Life will determine the day’s agenda,

not my calendar. The unexpected phone

call, a surprise knock on the door, emails

and texts and tweets set in motion the

acrobatics of juggling alternatives. Cracks

in the day swallow what seemed important,

even urgent.

As the day unfolds, may I not lose sight

of the Source that gives me the courage

to cope and to continue. At the end of the day,

may I look back on moments that challenged

my values, tested my concern for others, and

offered me opportunities to speak truth to

deception or deceit. May I count the unforeseen

moments as valuable nourishment for the growth

of my soul.

Morning Flight

15 Jan


Very early in the morning, as I watch the sky grow brighter
with the approach of dawn, may I be humble before
the Creative Force that brings light out of darkness.

When the first streaks of sunlight race across the sky,
may I witness the beauty that surrounds me
in the mountains, trees, and the
songs of birds delighting in
the new morning.

Then, with limitless trust, may I spread
my wings and fly!  May I soar above
the issues and incidents of the
day, not blind to my responsibility,
but confident in the updraft of
Love and Spirit.

May I spread my wings and climb
to the call of the Christ who
inhabits the heavens and
the earth and all
sentient beings.

May I fly on the breath of Spirit into this good day.



14 Jan

5 AM Monday

I think I will try to have a good attitude today.
I will see the good around me and
appreciate it.
I will think of a friend in their joy or
in their need, and I will hold
my friend in my heart.

I will pray today for peace
and understanding,
for all who are adversely
touched by political decisions.

I will sing at least one song,
compliment someone,
exercise my body and
my mind,
laugh at least six times
and smile at the grocery
bagger, even if he doesn’t.

I will have a good attitude today.
But I need coffee first.


13 Jan

Take a walk sometime today and
just look around.
Beautiful things are all around you.
They really are!

Look into the eyes of a friend or loved one today.
Remember how special they are.
They really are!

Before you go to bed tonight, be grateful
for this day.  Think of the things
for which you are thankful.
There really are some!

Look in the mirror today.
Don’t glance.  Really look.
See someone who is extra special.
You really are!



11 Jan

Dear Friends,

I’m using this space to give you some new information.

As you know, each time I post to you receive
an email alert.  Sometimes you can read the entire post
through the email and sometimes you are prompted to
go to the website for the complete piece.  I hope you find
that kind of notice helpful.

Now I would like to introduce you to,
my new site which will contain only poetry.  I will
continue to post to with inspirational
commentaries, but I will use the new site for poetry
only.  If you enjoy the kinds of poetry that I have
been posting through Facebook, now you can get
the same email alert from  All
you have to do is go to the site, look in the lower
right corner, and check the little box that says
“Follow”.  Fill in the required information and
you’re all set.  I no longer participate in Facebook.

Thanks for your support and comments over
the years.  I appreciate your readership very
much.  So, I invite you to follow both sites
and enjoy your reading.


Second Chance

11 Jan


I knew what had happened when I heard the “thud”.
The young dove was curled up in the corner of the
patio, wing askew, eyes closed.  Crashing into the large
window, thinking she had an escape route from the
pursuing Hawk, had now made her completely vulnerable
to the predator perched on the metal railing and poised
to drop down onto the bricks for a quick lunch.

When I scooped her up into my hand, Hawk used language
I choose not to repeat.  He was one unhappy Hawk.  He let
me know the state of his mind by screeching and flapping
his usually graceful wings.  He left in a huff.

Dove and I sat awhile in a rocking chair.  I talked about
how nice it will be to fly again.  She slept.  For the better
part of an hour, we rocked and talked and slept.  And
then she shuddered, opened her tiny, black button eyes
and looked at me as if to say, “Ok, now what?  Do I die
or do I dare?”  Because she became a bit agitated, held
in the hand of a giant, I placed her carefully under a
thick bush, out of sight from hungry hawks, and backed
away.  It wasn’t long before a little gray head popped
out of the green leaves, eyes seemed to dart in several
directions, and she jumped into the sky for another day.

It was a happy moment for both of us.
Everybody needs a second chance.