Old Stuff

10 May

This is a 2,000 page history book. No, more likely a 2,000 volume library. This window into the world is growing still in a small village in southern Arizona, home for one thousand folks, a place you would go to for the sights and smells and textures of life in the slow lane. Pull up a bench in front of the general store and look to your left. Just over there is the City Park, a patch of green grass with the inevitable brass marker affixed to a large stone. A little to the right, that’s the yellow train depot, now the home of a few elected village officials because the train doesn’t stop anymore. The depot is beginning to show its age, a little paint peel here and there, but still a proud reminder of yesterdays when ranchers tied their horses to a hitching rail and sat under the branches of the History Tree. I think it’s nice, once in awhile, to sit in the shade of an ancient tree, lean back so your body touches the bark, and listen. Amazing stories are waiting to be heard. I think the same can be said about that ancient collection of wisdom we call The Bible. We are people of The Book, and, like the village tree, this book still lives to share its stories, adventures, joys and sorrows. I’m grateful for old trees and old books, for the wisdom of the ancients, for the voices of the past informing and inspiring. Why don’t you sit down and listen today? Lean up against a welcoming tree, open The Book in your lap, and join the conversation. You are an important part of creation’s slow movement toward an Ultimate Reality. You are part of the story, a special chapter being written each day. Be grateful for old trees, an ancient book, and an Eternal Source that still speaks to our souls.

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