Surprise Me, God

21 Mar

Lord, make me an instrument of your love:
how about a tuba that sets the beat
and helps the other instruments make music?

Make me a light that shines in the darkness:
a torch that burns hour after hour,
not a skyrocket that explodes and is gone.

Give me wings so that I can soar in Spirit Wind:
maybe a sparrow, please. I know you love all
that is common. But, not an eagle. Too aloof.

Make me a river of your mercy and love:
one with lots of rivulets running off in all directions
with fresh, sweet water. Do you think we need
another stagnant pond?

But, Lord, at your pleasure and for your name’s sake:
make me the me you want me to be for today.
I don’t doubt that you know better than I do
what’s needed in the garden of your hand.

Or, and here’s a thought: a wild flower waving
along the highway, not another potted plant
in the outdoor section of Home Depot.

Surprise me, God. You’re good at that.

And, thank you.

One Response to “Surprise Me, God”

  1. gz March 21, 2023 at 6:22 am #

    No doubt, the Lord has made you in his own image.

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