Spread It Around

10 Oct
How nice to stop in a local eatery for an afternoon snack and find this little bit of refreshment. Better than any bearclaw or blueberry scone. A thought: Being kind does not depend on “the other person”. Being kind is not a reaction, not a response. Kindness is an inherent virtue and I can turn it on, or I can turn it off. Somebody else’s behavior, good or bad, does not determine whether I will be kind or mean-spirited. In my faith tradition, through the voice of an ancient wise person, I am reminded to “do justice, love kindness.” So today, in all your contacts, in all your relationships, no matter what the other guy says or does…be kind. Don’t let somebody else define you. You have a treasure to give away. Spread it around.

One Response to “Spread It Around”

  1. gz October 10, 2022 at 7:01 am #

    I will try to be that kind of kind guy today.

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