Living Water

4 Jul
Water for cleansing, healing, for growing things. Water that flows gently, soothing and relaxing. Water that bubbles and bounces over rocks in the river. Then…the torrent that leaps from the mountainside and tumbles down the steep slopes. Today is July 4 and the tender planting we call home, the earth dotted with continents and nations, all manner of living things, yearns for the water of peace and stability. At one time, water covered the vast expanse of everything, life giving water that produced order out of chaos. One great water from which all things came at the word of the Universal Voice. “Let there be…” I think that voice still speaks, calling us into Light and Air, a gifting voice heard only by those who listen with the heart. Today, when you take that refreshing drink in the heat of this monsoon season, remember that Living Water is the source of your life. And, before you dash off to the next assignment or appointment or adventure, speak a word of thanks. A lot of water under the bridge since that first July 4 many, many years ago. But the water that keeps us going, physically and spiritually, as a people who value principles of ethics and justice, that Water never runs dry. Drink deeply of this life-giving source.

One Response to “Living Water”

  1. gz July 4, 2022 at 8:16 am #

    I am thirsty for the “Living Water.”

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