Follow The Path

22 Apr

It’s always good to catch your breath when you walk or hike a trail. Or, ride a bike along the wonderful Tucson bike pathway system. Pausing is even better when you can find a beautiful resting spot like the one provided by this friendly Palo Verde tree. But the pathway beckons. Discovery happens when you follow The Path, not when you lounge in the shade. The pathway I follow, the way of Jesus in his life and teachings, is not always as straight and smooth as this one, but it contains great things yet to discover, and plenty of opportunities to experience creation’s creative power. So, rest when you need to…but stay on the path. It’s the adventure of a lifetime. Lifetime and more. Blessings to you as the sun rises on this quiet Friday morning.

One Response to “Follow The Path”

  1. gz April 22, 2022 at 5:22 pm #

    I have always thought of it being the straight and narrow path to follow but I must admit my path has had quite a few crooks and bends in it. Blessings to you as the end of this day approaches.

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