Morning Over The Mountain

30 Mar

I happened to look out the window this morning, just at the right moment. And what I saw
was a very quiet morning trying to slip in over the mountains with little fanfare. Sliding silently,
hushed. And her entry was beautiful. Even elegant.

Beautiful things, lovely moments, often come softly into our awareness. Roses don’t ask permission to grow. They just unfold. So, today be aware of the quietly developing beauty around you. You’ll have to look because astounding beauty never announces her presence, rather like the Spirit’s movement among us. Now, there’s an idea. Why not spend time today watching for the presence of the Spirit? Better than reading that book or watching TV. Look! There’s an example right over there!

One Response to “Morning Over The Mountain”

  1. gz March 30, 2022 at 11:31 am #

    I see. I see.

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