Meaning Behind The Moment

19 Mar

Do you ever get up grumpy? Early in the morning? For no apparent reason? You just feel like shoving the cat out of the way when she comes up for a pet. I don’t have a cat. Lucky for the cats of the world. I’m up by myself. 4 a.m. No one to take it out on. So, I get dressed, go down to the first floor in the apartment building, walk into the Fitness Center thinking that vigorous exercise will expel the demons, and there is a terrible grinding noise coming out of a wall-mounted TV that had been left on all night. Awful noise. And, the TV won’t respond to the remote control, and, no, I could not unplug it for reasons that are too complicated to explain. So I put on my ear buds, crank up the volume on my music machine to cover the grinding noise…loud. And off I go on the stationary bike. The volume of the music is shaking my ball cap on my head, the wire from the ear buds to the clip-on music device gets tangled, so I reach for my phone to read news headlines or play a time-filling game, and, of course, I’ve left the phone in the apartment.

This is rapidly becoming a morning to forget…and then I remembered. Sue and I spent the last week in Sedona, Arizona, a place of spectacular beauty. We hiked majestic trails, ate delicious food, shared the company of good friends, ate more delicious food, explored the community, ate more…you get it. We had a wonderful time. And here I am, the first day home, and I have a case of the 4 a.m. Grumps. And then I remembered some more, especially the songs I heard from the river along the trail. Happy sounds. Laughing sounds. The sun speckled the water with hundreds of little dancing light spots. The performance was extraordinary. It’s still beautiful, even in my memory. While I was remembering the river’s songs, still in the Fitness Center, a different song came through the tangled wires of the music device. Michael Crawford, the magnificent voice, began singing “I’ll Walk With God”. Little by little the wires untangled. Little by little Crawford’s song softened my sharp edges. The grinding sounds from the suffering TV didn’t stop, but they didn’t have control anymore. The memory and the music did.

I seem to be a person who looks for the meaning behind the moment, and that’s what I did, clutching the Sedona moments and feeling the song begin to chase the demons from my grumpy brain. The meaning behind the moment: get over the Grumps, look around, see, a tangled wire and a broken TV don’t define the day, you can actually survive and prosper without a phone in your hand, how do you want to spend the rest of the day? Grumpy or grateful. Sing the river songs and hum along with Crawford. There’s a message coming through. Do you hear?

By the time I got back to our third-floor apartment, I was ready to hug my wife and pet my cat. But Sue was still sleeping and I don’t have a cat. No, I don’t want one. Thanks, anyway. I’ll save the hug and in the meantime I will sing a song or hum a tune. Walking with God is certainly better than stumbling along with the Grumps. I hope your day is calm, peaceful, and filled with joy. If you’re walking with the Grumps, say “goodbye”, part company and be attentive to the presence that is waiting in a song, a memory, a friend’s smile, a lovely dawning, a loving relationship. There is a good day in the making. You’ll find it, or it will find you. Walk the Way. Press on.

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