The Joy Of Arriving

25 Feb

A soft white sheet follows the contours of the land,
smooth in places, contoured over stones and tree stumps,
a photographer’s paradise. But how can I know my way?
Where are the familiar streets driven so many times,
the lane that carries me to the gates of my home?
February’s snow blanket is beautiful, but the
path, the Way, is essential. Beneath the temporary
resides the permanent, the hard surface that withstands
both dazzling and debris, sure to foot,
any foot longing to find its way to the warmth of home.
The momentary may be magical but it is a distraction.
Under the snow, that’s where one finds the solid
surface that withstands storms and circumstances,
waiting beneath all exteriors, discovered when
things temporary yield to the essential core,
revealing the way that leads to
the joy of arriving.

One Response to “The Joy Of Arriving”

  1. gz February 25, 2022 at 7:24 am #

    Arriving and being greeted by those you love and love you.
    Thank you Roger for beautiful awakening thoughts.

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