Leaves Falling

30 Jan

Did you feel the touch of the Maple leaf
fall softly against your cheek?
Or, sense the thrill of the Aspen’s flight
as it tumbled and rolled in the wind?
The darkening sky sets the perfect stage
for a ballet of colors and shapes.
Broad leaves from stately Magnolia trees,
whisps of color released by the Birch.
Down they tumble until caught in a
spiral that shoots them up, a
fountain of exquisite joy.
On and on they twist and turn,
Elm and Beech and needles of Pine,
willing captives of a single force
that animates all, no matter the species or name.
In the hands of the wind, the mysterious wind,
all leaves, though different, are held with respect,
endowed with the freedom to bless the world,
unique in beauty and charm.
See how they dance with elegant grace
on the breath of a purposeful breeze.

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