A Name Beginning with J

11 Dec

Today may be a walk in the park. Or, it might be climbing a mountain. If not today, then tomorrow or tomorrow. May I remind you of a basic principle of mountain hiking? Never go alone. At least, don’t go alone on those really challenging, often dangerous, trails. I speak from experience, and I promise you it’s no fun getting lost on a rugged trail, running out of water and having to cut through thorny bushes in hiking shorts. So, I say again: never go alone when the going is tough. You need a friend, an experienced opinion, resource, guide, encourager, maybe even a strong back to carry the load, maybe even to carry you if it comes to that. A twisted ankle or a tumble into that cholla cactus can ruin a good hike. It’s nice to have someone with you who can get those cholla needles on your backside.

So the point is this: Never go hiking alone in rugged mountains or on any challenging path. Likewise, don’t try to go it alone when you have to make hard decisions, when fear or sorrow move in, or when you simply “don’t know what to do.” A good friend is an encourager, a steady hand, and a source of wisdom. Good friends are blessings along your way, especially when the way is rocky.

The other day I thought to myself, “who can I invite to go hiking with me next Saturday?” I know lots of people who like to take on a rocky trail. So, I went to my Contacts app, tapped it gently, and it opened to the letter “J”. A name beginning with “J”. Hmm.

One Response to “A Name Beginning with J”

  1. gz December 11, 2021 at 9:22 am #

    “J” is a good friend to have with you on any path you take, so would be a friend like you.

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