Oh, No. I’m Inadequate!

24 Jul

Sometimes we all feel inadequate. Just not quite good enough. Missing the magical ingredient…like longer arms, in this case. That feeling is common to us all because we live in a culture that judges, and judges, and judges. A counselor at a major university remembers the day a young freshman knocked on his door, sat down in his office and began sobbing uncontrollably. Final grades had just been posted and the young man made four “A”s and one “B”.

“I made a B”, he moaned. “I’ve never made a B before.” He felt so inadequate because he did not reach perfection by his, or culture’s, standards. The reality of life’s challenges had dawned and it took several conversations before he accepted the truth that no human being is perfect, that making a “B” is not the end of the world, and that one can be one’s own harshest critic and judge.

Jesus never asked anyone to be perfect. Perfection was not the requirement for acceptance into his family of friends and followers. Trying, yes. Not giving up, yes. The willingness to learn and grow and mature in faith…absolutely. I seem to recall a book or maybe a Broadway production called “Your Arms Are Too Short To Box With God.” My friend in the photo knows about “arms too short” but he won’t give up. He’ll find a way. He’ll do the best he can with what he has, and he will cuddle up in his rabbit burrow tonight grateful for all that he was able to do. Maybe it wasn’t perfect, but….he will have used his talent, and he will have tried. No one is truly inadequate. Each of us is just equipped differently. An occasional “A” wouldn’t mean much if it weren’t for all the “B”s…or, in my case, “C”s. Rejoice in the gifts you have, use them gratefully, benefit the common good, and rest well in the knowledge that you are not inadequate…not by a long shot.

One Response to “Oh, No. I’m Inadequate!”

  1. gz July 24, 2021 at 7:53 am #

    You and your friend arrived at a good time for me. Thanks

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