Choose Life

2 Feb

In the cool evening breeze, they heard the Lord walking through the garden.
The perfect garden. Manicured and magnificent.
And they hid! Hid from God!
From the One who had given them life.
Because they were ashamed.
It is so sad when shame rules life,
defines reality,
controls and conquers the human spirit.
Shame is an acid that corrodes,
a malignancy that redefines
who we are
and drives us into the shadows.
But there is someone who calls us out
of hiding, out of the shadows,
out of our shame and into
the new Light of Life.
No one has to live in
It can be released,
restoration is possible.
There is an option.
His Way leads to life.
Shame leads to spiritual death.
There is an option.
His name is Jesus.

One Response to “Choose Life”

  1. gz February 2, 2021 at 8:24 am #

    Hooray for the Option!

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