Saguaro Choir

29 Jan

I heard the song, beautiful song,
so I stood with them and
sang to the mountain.
It was a happy song,
like one would sing at a
grand celebration.

The saguaro choir sang of
beauty – “How lovely your white
winter coat”, hospitality – “you
welcome us to explore and discover.”
The song echoed through canyons
and along narrow trails.
Big horn sheep lifted their heads
from the sweet mountain grass,
a ground animal started toward
his burrow under a large stone,
but stopped, sat upright,
and listened.

The saguaro serenade, a magical melody
of gratitude, covered the mountain
like the soft blanket in the newborn’s crib.
Please, never let this end.
Let this song of songs bless the mountain,
then ride strong currents of wind,
stopping at each star, filling the universe
with the joy of gratitude.

Would you like to sing, too?
Stand here, just beside me.
Feel your heart open as our song rises
to the summit of Mystery.
Lift your arms,
embrace the Eternal.
For this we were made.

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