Miracle Day

20 Jan

There’s a story being told all over town.
Have you heard it? It’s making the rounds.
Remember the deaf man who sits at the gate.
the one who holds out that nasty plate,
begging for coins or food?

They say he hears now, as well as I do,
and it’s all because this Jesus came through,
observed the poor man’s unfortunate state,
walked over to him, took his plate
and shattered it on the ground.

Then standing before the Nazareth man,
the beggar felt his gentle hands
as a hush fell over the gathered crowd
and, never speaking a word aloud,
Jesus opened his life to sound.

He restored his hearing, set him free
to hear a song, listen with glee
to children at play, a bluebird sing,
the voices of friends, so many things
he had never heard before.

The crowd was amazed, and I was, too,
but I remember now, there were a few
who frowned and scowled as they walked away,
these Temple leaders had nothing to say
about the deaf man’s miracle day.

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