27 Dec

I affirm, as this new day dawns, that you,
Divine Center of all things,
are both refuge and strength.
I run to you as refuge when the world
shakes beneath my feet. Only in the safety
of refuge am I able to heal into the strength
which allows me to regain a sense of my
divine humanity. That is why I won’t be
afraid when the world falls apart, as
mountains crumble and the waters
roar and rage.

I affirm this good morning that you are the river
into which all streams are joined. One river, so
many streams feeding into and branching off
from the flowing source. Am I less a part of the
river if my origin is here not there, if my faith
is expressed this way and not that way? One
river, gathering up all the streams and flowing
toward the fullness of one light.

I will rest at the close of this day with no guarantee
of tomorrow, but with an assortment of affirmations
forged in faith, tested with the small amount of
courage that I possess, proved not in my practice
but in your grace.

May the light of the morning bring healing to the
brokenness around me, charity out of the abundance
that I enjoy, and a stronger faith that will carry me
to the end of yet another day.

May it be so. Amen.

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