Cosmic Whisper

21 Dec

There is a whisper in the air.
Do you hear it? A faint word,
a hushed sound in the midst of
the clatter and confusion of living.
Lay your ear to the ground.
Concentrate. There! Do you hear!
I detect something ominous,
a signal, a sign of great import.
What news can cause the trees
to dance? Look at them, almost
breaking their roots from the
ground. And the sudden songs
of birds, screeching and singing
and filling the frigid air with melody.
Flowers bloom on this sterile
winter morning. A shockwave,
an invasion of mystery replaces
reasoned science.

Who can fathom this phenomenon,
decipher the coded whisper?
Focus. Block out the extraneous.
Listen. Do you hear those barely
audible, ephemeral words?
Quickly, take pen in hand and write
this down lest it be forgotten.

“For unto you is born this day…”

And the cosmos quivers.

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