Thanksgiving Day +1

27 Nov

I read about a man who uses the alphabet as a guide for his morning gratitude meditation time. He sits in a quiet place, calms his mind in the silence, and then begins his alphabetic journey. “A: I am thankful for…” “B: … C: …” and so on. So, this morning, the day after Thanksgiving Day, when he got to the letter “T” he paused and considered his gratitude options. “I am thankful for Tom (a good friend) …” Or, “I am thankful for beautiful Trees that glow in the cool Fall of the year…”

And then it hit him. It was the day after Thanksgiving, remember. Yesterday was a wonderful memory because all the family members gathered at his house (pre-Covid time. Remember those days?) and they had a delicious meal together, played games, sang songs…had a great time. But the very best thing, nestled in his remembering, was the iconic symbol of Thanksgiving Day +1…the turkey sandwich.

So, he continued his prayers, having found the appropriate blessing matching the letter “T”. “I am grateful for Turkey sandwiches made with two thick slices placed carefully on freshly baked bread then moistened with just the right amount of mayonnaise, and…”

As he pushed his desk chair back and got up, he was heard to say “I’ll finish this in a little while.”

So, in his absence, I’ll add my own ending to his posting. Grateful? You? For? I hope every day is a “thanksgiving” day for all of us. Great big things (G) and Small things (S), momentous and minute (M), always remembered Humbly (H) and offered as an act of Praise (P). Joy (J) fills the hearts of all who take the the time to say “thank you” to the Source of all things, the Providing Presence whose love sustains and satisfies our deepest need.

Amen (A)

One Response to “Thanksgiving Day +1”

  1. gz November 27, 2020 at 7:53 am #

    Just celebrated our 60th wedding (W) anniversary and we are thankful for this time (T)

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