One Click In Time

22 Nov

One click in a random moment,
one “yes” to an impulse that moves
from brain to hand faster than any computer,
and there it is. There it is, an invitation to enjoy
all the elements that, in this moment, combine to
produce beauty.

The most obvious is the graceful Egret, so
lovely in flight. Then the Reflection in the water,
soft and imperfect yet vital to the visual moment.
She flies toward the Light. Will she enter the
opening between the trees or remain with the
water. Colors combine to create this peaceful
scene…they blend and work together, new
creations emerge from their willingness to flow
together and yet maintain their own striking identities.
Shadows, the leaning curves of the trees, spots on
the water’s surface. Everything is important. Each
element, without the others, is less than the whole.

Together, they create wonder. What a fundamental
life principle, all captured in one random moment,
one click.

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