18 Nov

The analogy is far from perfect, but you’ll have to admit there is some similarity. This morning I installed a new anti-virus program on my computer. After about 14 pop-ups, a couple of reboots, and a cup of coffee, it was done. Then there were more pop-ups telling me how smart I was to choose this product, how “present” the program would be to my every need, and, of course, would I like to upgrade to even more and better protection. It took about an hour, but I am now protected.

So, here’s the analogy. Many years ago, I said one word…”Yes”…and activated a system in my life that has been always present, always available, has never sent me a pop-up, and doesn’t cost me anything…except my life. This spiritual Presence doesn’t have to be renewed every year, has a very long history, and has received 5-Star reviews by millions of people.

I’m glad to have the anti-virus protection, but I couldn’t live without the Presence. The new computer program is limited to “one person use”, according to the fine print. The Presence is universal, even cosmic. In fact, my Friend is looking over my shoulder as I write this.

It’s a great relationship. You, too?

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