Second Sight

3 Nov

I have a friend who says he is losing his sight…regular sight, common sight. That kind of sight, he told me, is being replaced by another form of seeing. More and more he sees the world metaphorically. He describes himself as a Metaphorologist. The tree in the photo, for instance. It wouldn’t win first prize for beauty, but it is a living illustration of life. A metaphor. Some days he doesn’t know which way to go. This way, that way, standing tall, bending low. Kind of like that Bible story about the man who called himself “Legion” because there were so many different forms of himself enclosed in his one body. This tree is like that. We should name it a Legion Tree. The man in the story wanted to be freed of the many inside. My friend, on the other hand, wants a PhD in Metaphorology. Seeing through metaphorical glasses magnifies the moment and the messenger. At least that’s what he thinks. Seems that everywhere he looks there is a burning bush. If you happen to know of a University that specializes in Metaphorology, will you let me know. I’ll pass the information on to him. He’ll enroll tomorrow.

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